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Enameled Tempered Glass
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Enameled Tempered Glass

Colored glazed glass is to coat with a layer of ceramic glaze on the surface of float glass, after treatment by high temperature heating, the layer of ceramic will be sintered on the surface, never fade off.


Modern exterior design need some nontransparent, semitransparent, special patterned glass, Colored glazed glass is more and more widely used in modern architecture to create a personalized style.
 The coverage of colored ceramic glaze controlled between 30%-70%, color block size and complex irregular distribution may be blinding.

 Too Simple and rugged design pattern may generate projection affect office environment

The sintering of glaze is the process of being oxidation, the temperature and time will affect the final oxidation degree, has a certain impact on color. So there may be small different between sample and bulk production.


The glaze of colored glazed glass has the characteristic of never fall off, never fade, no moisture absorption, no permeability, easy to clean, easy to match color and so on. Colors and patterns can be customized by customers, Outdoors have very good adornment effect, indoors have a different light and shadow effects. The surface of glaze can absorb and reflect part of sunlight, it has a certain of shade function, it also has a cover function, which can be used on spandrel.


New-technology ink:

High chemical durability and weatherability ink is more suitable to be used on the first surface of glass curtain wall. Has a strong 3-D effect. New ink technology can realize changes of ink by different, implementation of the gradient effect. More delicate fine glaze can achieve high precision of overprinter.


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