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PVB interlayer film is a kind of polymer material coming from polyvinyl butyral resin together with DHA plasticizer. It’s normal thickness is 0.2mm-2mm, and it can agglutinate tightly with inorganic glass. It has lots of characteristics such as penetration resistance、heat resistance、cold resistance、sound-proof and anti-ultraviolet etc.
PVB interlayer film is mainly used in laminated glass industry, it’s pressed between two pieces of glass. Laminated glass is widely used in areas such as architecture and automobile for its characters of safety、heat resistance、soundproof、anti-ultraviolet etc.
What is laminated safety glass?
Laminated safety glass consists of at least two plies of glass sandwiching one or more interlayers of polyvinyl butyral film, which are bonded permanently together by lamination at high pressure and temperature. Laminated safety glass  produced with our pvb film can show you excellent safety properties, as the glass fragments arising when the glass breaks adhere to the film and strongly reduce the injury risk.