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Environmentally PE / PP construction template production line are popular
click:5557    TIME:2014-08-11

Not long ago, from Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has independently developed the domestic first set of environment-friendly PE / PP plastic building templates production line be successful, to the market generally welcomed by the users, enterprises are going to study ordering. 
According to industry experts, Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Company has independently developed PE / PP plastic building templates production line is simple, the production speed, its production out of the plastic building templates have four major advantages: First, the use of more times, can be used repeatedly 15 times above; second is the use of empty recyclable reproduction; Third, it is beneficial to the environment; Fourth, low-cost, effectively overcome the traditional products easy to rust, high cost and frequency of use can not be repeated use of such shortcomings, is the alternative to previously used steel template and wooden template template of choice for traditional products, and has broad market prospects.